Staf and board

Executive Board

Moulay Hafid Fardi

Espace Tamount Founder & CEO

Moulay Hafid Fardi is the Founder & CEO of the Espace Tamount project, a self dedication man, he’s born in Imi n’ifri village and decide to invest in his native town, a mountain man who make tribute to the Morocco Atlas Mountains by investing to build the ecological project Espace Tamount.

His professional background includes more than 30 years of development issues in mountain Tourism. Moulay Hafid as always insists to imply the urgency of drafting a law for the protection of mountains against climate change and irresponsible actions of human beings and create an agency dedicated to the protection of mountain and rural areas in Morocco. Moulay Hafid is too the president of Tifawin Union, an alliance of 30 associations in Tifni rural province.

Languages: Frensh, English, Tamazight, Arabic

Rachid Ennassiri

Cordination, Implementation and planningHe’s the international coordinator of Espace Tamount, a graduated young in sustainable energy with deepen experiences. In 2016 he has won the first Prize of Environmental Poetry competition in the framework of the COP22 organized by the international Human Dynamics – Public Sector Consulting, in February 2017 he won the 1st prize of the international competition of the African poetry, then in April 2017 he was awarded as the Outstanding Young Person in Morocco about environnemental and moral leadership by the international Jenior chamber. From 280 applications he was selected to be part in the European Development Days Young Leaders Programme 2017.

Lecturer in workshops for green jobs, Solar Energy and energy effeciency…etc. For Rachid Mountain areas are important suppliers of water, food, hydro-electricity and other mineral resources and biodiversity, increasingly vulnerable toclimate change.

Languages: Frensh, English, Tamazight, Arabic

Mustapha Qadery

Communication ManagerDr. Mustapha El Qadery is the communication Manager of Espace Tamount, in the same time is an universitaire scholar, historian and anthropologist in Rabat University.

El Qadery was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Virginia State University in Virginia. In Morocco, he works at the National Library of the Moroccan Kingdom and in the Faculty of Law at Rabat University. El Qadery has published over 30 papers on his field work which focuses on Colonial and Postcolonial Political Systems in Africa and the Middle East.

Languages: Frensh, English, Tamazight, Arabic

Staff members

Mohamed Ennassiri

Finance ManagerMohamed Ennassiri, PhD researcher at the University of Ibn Tofail in Kenitra, he holds a Master’s degree at the Abdelmalek Essaadi University of Tetouan in Applied Mathematics in Finance, Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology, applied Mathematics from the University of Molay Ismail d ‘Errachidia, he’s the the Finance management responsible service at Espace Tamount, one the founders of the greatest band Tawargit in Morocco, in the same time Mohamed is the President of the Tazuri Association for Art and Culture.

Languages: Frensh, English, Tamazight, Arabic

Soufiane Schibane

National and International PromotionSoufiane from Kenitra, a young holder of Deutsch language certificate from the Goethe Institue and Frensh language certificate from France Institute, the both in Rabat.

Within Espace Tamount, he’s the responsible of the national and international promotion of our project, his linguistics skills allow him to make Espace Tamount’s work and more known.

Languages: Frensh, English, Tamazight, Arabic