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Climathon High Atlas

The High Atlas in Morocco as other zones throughout the world are landscape providing major economic resources and ecosystem services. Mountain systems represent one-fifth of the world’s land and are home to 570 million people. Mountain zones are also important suppliers of water, food, hydroelectricity, timber, other mineral resources and biological diversity, increasingly vulnerable to climate change. Climathon High Atlas In the occasion of Climathon 2017 event, The Espace Tamount social entreprise organize next 27th october Climathon High Atlas, a climate action day under the slogan : "Climate Change Challenge in the High Atlas", this day aims to empower Morocco southern communities specially young people at the local, regional and national level to design projects to tackle water, sanitation and hygiene, energy challenges (WASH, water pollution and water scarcity issues). For this first edition of Climathon High Atlas we decided to : Organize a full climate action day 27th october 2017 Define global climate change challenges in this vulnerable region in Morocco, Elaborate a consensus and strategy for urgent climate actions in the High Atlas cities, Engaging individuals, the local community, the public and private sector in the implementation of actions. This 24-hour climate action will bring in young community (students, entrepreneurs,...etc) capable of successfully designing and implementing sustainable and inclusive climate action projects that significantly improve living conditions in our communities, while contributing to the achievement of SDGs. The 24 hours will brings too the Need to save and integrate ancestral and traditional ecological Amazigh Knowledge respecting the environnement. We need your commitment ! All students, startups, local authorities, public and private organizations, administrative bodies, entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to join with their creative ideas in the global Climathon day for overcoming the challenges of "Climate Change Challenge in the Morocccan High Atlas". A set of activities will be organized in the official venue "The sustainable tourism project Espace Tamount" located in Imi n ifri village (140 Km from Marrakech, 6 km from Demnat city) : conferences, workshops, competitions, ...etc in a principle goal to define climate challegnges in the high atlas cities in Morocco. (Detailled program will be published soon in our social media). "Together, we will chart a new climate path for the Moroccan High Atlas " Rachid Ennassiri - The manager organizer of Climathon High Atlas.


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